Past lives

In past lives we pledged our eternal love

And yet, now you seem to have forgotten 

What must I do to rekindle that memory?

Kiss that favorite spot?

To make you remember 

The game is on


This dancing devil signals the game is on

Brushed on black dress so tauntly drawn

The curse of her immoral curves faintly veiled

A provocative dark angel with heart unquailed

Beckons my sweet surrender, my control dissolve

And breaks the governor of my last resolve

Grazing scintillating wet skin and scented fold

Searing hot blood hardens my last stronghold

You stretch me and I drown deep inside

Just for this night, you moaned and cried

But, morning comes, and the sun shines bright

And nothing will stop our constant delight


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My poem to a tender poetess


To a tender poet:


You dwell in the poems I am writing

Our lives lie hidden between each line

Feel the pain of my heart aching

Awaiting the day that you are mine


Each word, an enduring oath

Each space, a hollow sigh

Sacred hymns of love for both

Covenants we can’t deny


If, in this life we cannot meet

I’ll go before you and prepare the way

So our love will be complete

In a garden where we will always stay

Surgical fingertips


In my nightly fantasy

I think of her lying still

Her spirit is willing but her flesh is weak

My fingertips trace each curve with surgical skill

Deasil swirls around each ripe, full breast

Animal instincts explode to the surface

An intense rush of white hot fire

My fingers are lost in her savage garden

Reach in for a taste of honey

Our hearts beat with deafening thunder


#LQW #madverse #drugverse

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Musing before being beheaded